Learning how to soften butter is one of the most important baking steps. When recipes call for softened butter they don’t want cold or melted so it’s important to understand what softened butter is and how to do it quickly when you forget to leave it out. These 5 tips for how to soften butter quickly will help you in the kitchen!


stick of butter

Most baking recipes call for softened butter so it’s important to know what that means. Softened butter is not cold and it’s not melted: it’s the middle of the too, the juuuuust right, as Goldilocks would say.

Softened butter makes your cookies, cakes and all your baking recipes turn out perfectly (when softened butter is called for in the recipe). While some of my favorite cookie recipes call for melted butter, softened butter is a baking standard, so knowing how to do it is important.

softened butter

What is softened butter?


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