Knock You Naked Party Punch

The best party punch recipes just taste like juice, which is why this Knock you Naked Party Punch is so good: it tastes like juice so you’ll drink so much you…you get the idea. This punch recipe is made with just three ingredients you already have on hand: Corona, vodka, and lemonade. Three simple ingredients, one fantastic cocktail recipe!


knock you naked party punch in glass

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for years now and we always chat about life and work, family and friends when I’m there. Getting highlights and a cut takes about 2 hours, which is a significant amount of talk time. She knows I’m a food blogger so a lot of our time is spent talking about recipes or what we’ve been eating lately.

Recently we were talking about new cocktail recipes. We’re both doing the lower carb thing and want something that’s tasty but fun and fresh, so I told her all about my Skinny Vodka Party Punch. We got to talking about different punch recipes and she brought up one called Skip and Go Naked Punch. I’d never heard of that before but, obviously, the name was intriguing.

Apparently, Skip and Go Naked Party Punch is made of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, beer, and vodka. It sounded amazing and certainly one that would make you skip and at least fall down, if not get naked. They say beer before wine you’ll be fine but I’m pretty sure vodka and beer together you’re in the clear isn’t a thing, even though it rhymes.

I got home and decided that, since I’ve got all the party punch recipes on this site, that I needed to Skip and Go Naked too…but I didn’t have the right ingredients to make the original recipe. Instead I created my own – and better – drink. Since it’s got extra vodka and extra beer I decided to call it Knock You Naked Party Punch.

Knock you Naked Party Punch is an easy cocktail recipe made with lemonade, vodka and beer and it packs a punch!

pitcher of party punch

Summer, to me, is all about punch. Pool parties and BBQs and the 4th of July – you need party punch at every turn. This alcoholic party punch recipe is the perfect addition to your summer plans…and the name is pretty fun to say too.


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