Electric Lemonade Party Punch

Electric Lemonade Party Punch is a fun and easy cocktail recipe for any summer gathering; it will remind you of sitting at the pool at a fancy resort with every sip! I love making party punch recipes with vodka and this one is my new favorite version.

I worked with Monk Fruit In The Raw to bring you this easy punch recipe so that you can sweeten your drink with less sugar!


electric lemonade in tall glass

We recently got back from a week in Canun, where we spent a glorious seven days sitting by the pool. We did other stuff too (like Ziplines) but my favorite part was just relaxing, reading and enjoying the down time that we so desperately needed as a family.

The pool had a swim up bar that we frequented often. Whenever I’m at a beach resort I always want to order a fun poolside cocktail and never know what to order, but luckily they had a menu of delicious options. Our plan was to work our way down the list but really, I got stuck at the Electric Lemonade. I ordered it about four times!

For the last 18 years I thought I didn’t like blue curaçao; I actively avoided it in drinks because I’d had a blue cocktail on my honeymoon and didn’t like it. Now I’m angry at myself for missing out all these years: it wasn’t the blue curaçao I didn’t like, it was the cocktail itself. I loved it in those Electric Lemonades I had in Mexico!

I’ve been on a real cocktail kick lately (like Skinny Vodka Party Punch and this other Lemonade punch with a funny name) and knew I was going to recreate the Electric Lemonade at home, as a punch recipe. I think outside of vacation, most people don’t just mix themselves a cocktail on a Sunday afternoon by the pool (they stick to vodka sodas or wine) but for parties and such people want punch!

Electric Lemonade Party Punch is the perfect summer punch with alcohol. It’s full of vodka, lemonade and blue curaçao and will remind you of the beach!

electric lemonade in pitcher

The one thing that all the cocktails I had on vacation had in common: sugar. Bartenders are heavy handed in the simple syrup and sweet ‘n sour department and, while the drinks taste delicious, they’re loaded with calories and sugar. Now that I’m home I need to cut back again on my sugar intake but I still want to enjoy a party punch now and again.


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